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Pandemic 19 ?

Who has packed on that fresh… I mean pandemic 19? I know I have and probably more! (I’m not really trying to step on the scale at this time.)  

If you are like me… 

  • Where the pandemic 19 has gotten the best of your waistline  
  • Where your work from home life has you making more trips into the kitchen 
  • Where you see your grocery bills sky-rocketing due to all the “snack food” adds 
  • When you find yourself living the food delivery lifestyle every week (because you only bought snack food)

All of this easy access to food has NOT been great for the waistline that was already curvy. Now, all we want to do is hide! But no, this would be unacceptable! Gone are the days of hiding our curves in our clothes! 

As we leave “hot girl” summer, we now enter into the fall months to bundle up yet show off some of these beautiful new curves. However, how can we avoid old patterns? Especially when all we want to do was hide in our clothes. 

Today’s fashion industry is beginning to embrace curvy culture. More and more designers and stores are popping up in the plus-size fashion industry, and creating fashionable clothing for women of all sizes. The clothes no longer hide our curves and instead accentuate the best parts via empire waists, hugging fit, 3/4 length sleeves, high slits, and more!

Gone are the days of the tent dresses and shirts, and oversized moo-moos! As you get ready for the fall season, keep these chic trends and shops in mind as you embrace your new curves.